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Are you marketing fit for 2021?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

It has been a challenging year for us all and to start a business up in ‘lockdown’ seems like a distant memory now. With the support of friends and family we want to say firstly, we thank-you. It has been an incredibly challenging time. We are also extremely delighted to announce some incredibly positive news snippets for you to enjoy!

We can now proudly announce that we have increased our client portfolio here at the agency and that we are busy planning and implementing marketing strategies for across a myriad of industry sectors from B2C to B2B.

What we are seeing in our clients are ‘pivoting’ strategies being deployed that are born out of a strong desire to survive this pandemic and ensure clients are still offered exceptional value, choice and exemplary service.

We are a full-service agency here including 'SEO in web design' at Phoenix and that means we can offer a multitude of services for all businesses, with our specialty for local enterprise.

Our first big announcement is that we have entered into a collaboration with Cathy and her company at Refresh Designs. This ensures we can now implement excellent marketing solutions to ensure a strong brand identity. Also, we have the capability to design and print all company literature and advertising, using the very latest methods and design styles.

We know small businesses sometimes do not have time to look at competitive options for print promotion and this is where our full-service design packages really do come into their own. We know what works for our clients and can offer you realistic expectations on your investment.

Also we are proud to announce the signing of Martha, who joins our digital marketing company our very own in-house editorial assistant. Also she comes with some pretty impressive qualifications and has a passion for creative writing. This bolsters our writing expertise 200% and ensures we always get marketing messages delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

Our last piece of great news is that, following our successes delivery business leads and sales for our clients within the digital landscape, we have also just entered into another collaboration with Farrell Inc. A US enterprise that has strong links with Silicon Valley and this opens up a wealth of avenues for us to pass onto our clients, utilising the very latest methods in social and PPC promotion, essential for this ever-changing landscape.

Looking for some help marketing your business for 2021? Please get in touch and email for a discussion on how we can help drive sales leads for you.

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