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It’s Official. We’re An Award-Winning digital Agency

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

When Phoenix Marketing first came into existence in 2020 it was with an aim to help local businesses in Sussex thrive through the turbulent months of the pandemic and beyond. That’s why we’re thrilled to have been announced as the “Best Full-Service Marketing Media Agency” at the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards 2021.

We’re so proud to be able to call ourselves an award-winning agency. It’s a real testament to all our team who work tirelessly to not only deliver content campaigns, new websites, or SEO strategy but who also take the time to get to know our clients’ businesses inside out.

The Corporate Vision Small Business Awards champion small businesses like ours which have had to push through hardship and overcome adversity to achieve their goals. No stranger to tough times, Phoenix Marketing has risen from the flames of the pandemic to drive increased revenue for a wide variety of local businesses in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We’re particularly proud to have received an award that measures success more deeply than just our size, growth, and annual turnover. Instead, this award celebrates our innovative services and approach, our reputation within our industry, and reflects the high levels of client satisfaction we offer to all the businesses with whom we work.

Delivering Results In Sussex

We’re an award-winning agency because of stories like this. Earlier this year we started working with Mid Sussex Wellbeing - a mental health support service for adults offered by West Sussex County Council and Mid Sussex District Council - to help them optimise the use of their social media channels. They wanted to increase engagement with adults struggling with mental health issues and make their self-referral services more visible. We supported the service’s Wellbeing Advisors to create an online brand identity and trained them to develop new tools and techniques to use when promoting their services on social media.

Through the summer, their social audience increased by 26% and engagement by a huge 95%. In August alone, we drove an increase in Facebook reach of 193%, while video views on the platform increased by 904%.

The result was impressive. 146 people clicked through to directly engage with the summer campaigns which in turn generated an increase in self-referrals into the service. This was a huge success not just for us and for Mid Sussex Wellbeing, but also for the additional local people in need who were able to access their services as a result of our work.

This is why we champion local business. Because local businesses are the beating heart of our own communities. They are the ones supporting our health services, they ensure thriving local high streets with richly varied shops, cafes, and amenities, and they secure prosperity for our friends and neighbours. In the aftermath of lockdowns and as the country gets back on its feet amid the Coronavirus pandemic, it is local businesses that are the key to our regeneration and the restoration of social normality. Yet without multinational companies shoring up their bottom lines, these are also the businesses that have less resilience to turbulent economic times and will find it hardest to recover without help.

It’s this devotion to local business that drives Phoenix Marketing forward. On winning the Corporate Vision Small Business Award, our CEO Stuart Humphrey said.

“We will continue to work hard for our clients, generating sales leads, generating awareness, and guiding them through the challenging landscape that all businesses are facing in this current economic climate.

“I know that with hard work, determination, enthusiasm, and a well-planned business strategy, we will see that companies can always thrive even in uncertain times. It is a privilege to be working side by side with so many local businesses supporting them and watching them grow.”

We Love Telling Local Stories

Our approach has always been focussed on telling great stories. It sets local businesses apart from bigger competition and helps them resonate with their customers. Human connections are what makes a business thrive, and storytelling is an age-old technique that brings people together, engages them, and makes them listen.

Being named the Best Full-Service Marketing Media Agency in the 2021 Corporate Vision Small Business Awards is rooted in this human connection too. We don’t see our clients just as faceless businesses but as a collection of people solving problems and alleviating pain points within our local area. When those people are facing challenges that make it difficult to deliver outstanding customer service, when they are struggling to reach the audience they know they can otherwise help, we come in.

Whatever your story, we can help you tell it succinctly, creatively, and coherently through your website, your advertising, or your social channels. Just like we did for Mid Sussex Wellbeing. We’re immensely proud that we’ve won an award that focuses on the human connections at the heart of business - about the satisfaction and successful engagement between us and our clients - as that’s what we believe small businesses are all about. As our clients at Mid Sussex Wellbeing said “they were a very friendly marketing service”. What an accolade!

Supporting Sussex Businesses Into 2022 & Beyond

We’ll be continuing to carry our now award-winning agency values into our work to support businesses across Sussex as we look forward to a more buoyant, post-pandemic economy. We don’t rest on our laurels though. Thanks to the recent Small Business Award we know what we are doing is leading the way, but as with all our content strategies for clients, we’ll be continually reassessing, analysing progress, and adapting how we work to ensure the best results for everyone.

It’s an exciting time for all of us here at Phoenix Marketing, and we want to take you on the journey with us. Whether you’re looking to optimise your online presence for google search, want SEO focussed website content, an integrated content marketing strategy, brochure copy, snappy strapline, or an effective social media advertising campaign, Phoenix Marketing can help. Contact us at to arrange a time to discuss who we can help you drive sales leads, increase revenue and grow your business in Sussex.

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