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Can you help support our latest appeal from the Sussex Cancer Fund?

Stuart Humphrey from Phoenix Marketing is a Business Ambassador for the Sussex Cancer Fund and is working hard to support their latest appeal.

The Sussex Cancer Fund would like to extend their Community-Based Acupuncture Service (CBAS) and treat more patients and make the service more accessible. But to do this and run the existing service they need to raise £23,000.

The Acupuncture Service need arose out of the increasing numbers of patients experiencing side effects from their cancer treatment such as joint pains, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, hot flushes and anxiety. The service is open to all Adults with a Cancer diagnosis in Sussex, all adult age ranges and across a multitude of different cancers.

As well as number of patients requesting the service increasing generally, the COVID pandemic has meant the service had to be paused meaning there is a waiting list of over 100 patients and referrals were closed for a while to avoid disappointment.

The appeal is to generate funds to increase the service to other satellite clinics in Sussex to reduce travel and make the service more accessible and treat more patients. In addition, they are hoping to start (where appropriate) some group sessions, which will allow even more patients to benefit from acupuncture, help build a support network for patients, as it allows them to meet other patients and also learn some self-treatment techniques.

Their current service costs £10,000 per annum. The increase in satellite clinics will cost a further £10,000 with the group sessions costing £3000

As part of Phoenix Marketing’s support this year they are working together with the whole Business Ambassador team in a collective effort to contribute to this appeal.

This year the amazing team of volunteer Business Ambassadors will be focusing their efforts on contributing to this campaign. The Business Ambassadors support the Sussex Cancer Fund in many ways, through providing pro bono services, helping to raise their profile, and some, where possible create their own fundraising events. This is the first time they will be concentrating their efforts on a specific project for the Sussex Cancer Fund.

We will be bringing you news of all our activities so please support them where you can and if you and your business would like to join Stuart in getting involved and making a difference to Cancer Patient Care in Sussex please get in touch with the Sussex Cancer Fund. EMAIL HERE

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Joanna Godden
Joanna Godden
May 20, 2021

Thanks Stuart, we really appreciate your support

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