What 2021 has taught us as a digital media agency?

Updated: Oct 5

You assume the worst, yet nothing makes it any easier when it happens. The coronavirus pandemic is one unforeseen event that has left us with great lessons to ponder for the rest of our lives. As a digital media advertising agency we faced some challenges too.

Although operations are complex, this does not stop businesses from adapting, learning, and pushing their resources into the digital arena. Here are some of the digital marketing lessons that the pandemic taught us, as ever-resilient as we are.

three early twenties walk with covid masks on
What 2021 taught us

It takes time to build a profitable customer base.

Businesses that use creative thinking for digital marketing are getting a lot of bang for their buck. It took years for them to establish their growing consumer base into what it is now. As a result, even in a pandemic, these firms continue to grow due to the steady income flow.

Brands nowadays are rushing their way through minor campaigns to stay afloat. They accomplish this while learning how to navigate the digital world. In the end, these initiatives accomplish nothing in terms of creating and nurturing a brand community—they do not increase brand knowledge or loyalty.

No brand should take digital marketing for granted after the pandemic, especially now that they understand its lengthy process. While you are at it, it will help you maintain the relationships you have established with your current consumers. Getting clients during a pandemic is more expensive than getting them before it happens. So devote the majority of your efforts to providing the best possible service to your current customers.