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Do you look after your existing customers? Really?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Understand the power of existing customers.

It is true to say that customers are always at the heart of every business. While customers can purchase your products or use your services only in a once in a lifetime, those that return more than once, are truly a treasure to keep.

These visitors you can now consider as repeat customers. They will eventually constitute the highest percentage of sales in your business.

It means that if you have existing customers, they love your products or services. So, yes, it is only fair to say that you should take good care of them.

As a result, they will love you back by promoting your products and services. This will be invaluable to the success of your business as a whole and in the long run.

How will you take care of your existing customers?

If you are already seeing a strong number of existing customers, the question is how will you keep them? There are several ways that you can ensure to transform them into consistent loyal customers.

· Keep them excited: This sounds easy to do but how do you do it? To start, you can continue to engage their excitement of your products and services. Using promotions and regular updates about your new services and products would help a lot.

· Give them some token of appreciation: This is one big step in maintaining your good relationship with your loyal customers. You can give either a discount or a freebie in the form of items. It will make them feel extra special which in turn entices them to share the word with friends and family on how great your business is.

· Great after-support: There is no doubt that those customers that keep coming back for more is because they feel that you care for them. One big example is by trying to ask them how they are doing if they feel satisfied with your product and services.

Always think about this as an act of kindness by a friend and not an obligation. A friend is always concerned about your welfare and it must be always like that.

So never think that it is a burden to ask for reviews from your customers. It will let you improve your products and services. And the best thing is? Your customers will feel great as they know that you value their opinion. As a result, they will trust your brand more.

· Send them updates: You can send casual messages to them regarding updates not only about your products but your whole organisation as well. Remember paying customers always want transparency and they find it lovely.

You can put some quotes or graphics on your emails. You do not need to be too formal. It is just like you are having a casual conversation with a friend. Just be natural with yourself and see how their responses would be.

Tips On Gaining Repeat Customers

It is easy to say that you can get customers, but the question is will they support your brand? There are lots of ways though for you to get their full attention and use them to your advantage.

· Quality is king: There is no contest that quality will always beat anything else. This type of mindset of ensuring that the quality of your products or services are top-notch, this will bring you a lot of repeat customers in the long run.

· Know what your customer wants: By knowing the inputs of your customers you will be able to adjust to their needs and wants. It will lead to better satisfaction and higher chances of those people promoting your brand to others.

· Be transparent: No customer will ever like dishonest people. Therefore, you must offer honesty to your customers. Being honest will make them think that you are the best among your competitors as they can put their trust in you.

· Offer more variants: It would be great if your customers have more than one variant to choose from. This will get them more excited to see offers of items close to their wants and needs, they may either repeat buy, or try another product or service that you offer.

· Put reviews on your website: Share your customer experiences, with either quotes or links directly to review apps. Any testimonial is great; because it is your customer talking about you, not you talking about yourself. These open reviews or ‘stars’ are a key factor in building new customer relations.

· Never do sales talk: People usually get annoyed when you began to force them to buy your product. Done are the days that it works because right now usually it just annoys potential buyers and no longer produces strong results. Always remember that the key is to make your products speak for themselves.

However, do not get us wrong here. Doing sales talk moderately works somehow but never overdo it. Make your tone much more informal. Tone of voice is key.


It is safe to say that repeat customers are mostly accountable for the success of your brand. They are continuously investing into products and services. Ensure you treat them with the same loyalty they are giving you; and you are in a win win situation!

As a result, you will keep your business running from strength to strength. This is a great way if you want to have a long-term strategy for the development and growth of your brand.

Regarding this Phoenix Marketing a full service digital marketing agency is always right here to help you get repeat customers. Also as a creative digital agency, we aim towards the success of local businesses.

The digital marketing techniques that we use are all aligned with the best practices to accommodate the modern needs of every business. It will make you reach your desired outcome sooner than expected.

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