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Have you considered using a podcast?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

You might be wondering if podcasts are still in this year. Well, believe it or not, it is still worth it to invest time on podcasts. This is despite the continuous growth of video blogging using media giant YouTube.

The podcasting passion has not been taken away from many people who do it for years. Aside from they just love it, that is why some continue to focus on it compared to video blogging.

Moreover, it will surely not go out of style because the thirst for listening will always be there. Here is the logic...

If you are doing something such as driving or household chores, then your attention will be divided. Most probably, you will not be able to focus on the visuals anymore as you are concentrating on your thing.

This is the reason why the power of hearing must never be neglected. So, it is safe to say that podcasts will still flourish for many years to come. This is where you can share your thoughts or even promote your brand effectively.

We can consider that podcasting is the new modern radio. Radio stations worldwide are now offering live streams of their shows using the internet. Times are changing very quickly, and the radio and podcasting industry right now is almost getting to the same page in regard to ratings and listeners.

Podcasting will take you to new heights of excitement in growing your brand. This is a fabulous tool to use to grow the success of your business.

How to start your first podcast? (Podcast Creation)

Maybe you are uncomfortable speaking in front of the camera therefore podcasting might be the best alternative for you. However, if you are just really not comfortable speaking even without a camera, that is not a problem as well.

You can still do it as there are lots of solutions that you can take into consideration in accomplishing that task.

Let us dive into those tips to ensure that you are on track when starting your first podcast.

· Practice speaking alone: If you are a person who is too conscious in speaking, consider practicing. You can ask a peer to have a conversation with you to improve your flow.

· Try using an AI: If nothing works then you will have the power to use AIs that are available on the internet. You will find free and paid forms. Using it is very easy, you just have to type in the words that you want to say and generate it afterward. You can then choose among the various voices available that suit your preference.

· Record your first podcast: Recording your first podcast is pretty easy. You do not need to go live immediately as you can record it before posting; before you upload it to your desired platform. The good thing is you can record it on whatever preferred device as long as the file will be transferable to your PC or can upload directly to podcasting sites.

· Finding the right podcasting site: After recording your first podcast, it is now time to find where you can upload your podcasts. There are lots of choices that you can make use of.

You can go traditional by uploading it to YouTube but be sure to edit it somehow by putting a background image instead of just merely uploading it directly. If you load without an image, people will just see a black background while listening to your podcast which is a bit dull. Right now, the most popular sites where people upload their podcasts are Spotify and iTunes.

Topic Ideas for Your Podcast

If it is your first time creating a podcast, you might be wondering what to discuss with your potential listeners. Do not worry, we got you. In this part of the article, let us tackle some of the topics that you can have.

· About your struggles in life and business: If you think that you have achieved a feat in your life recently, you can use it as a topic. The point of discussion will revolve around your struggles before reaching that success in your life.

· Advice: If you are good at something then you should share it on your podcast. It is always better if it is related to your brand as it will boost the trust of your listeners to you as a person and to your brand.

· Current events: If there are intriguing topics that are all over the news and the internet, you can discuss them. They will spark up some interest in people which will lead to more views.


Podcasting would be a big help in publishing your inner thoughts that you always want to share. Also, it is an important way of introducing your brand if you are currently just starting. It will give an amazing exposure to your brand minus the tremendous cost.

We at Phoenix Marketing know the struggles of first-time podcasters. This is why we offer guidance in that particular field. We can also work directly with you to create your first podcast, or indeed set up a schedule program for you.

As a website marketing agency doing local marketing, we ensure that every campaign is engaging and fruitful!

In podcasting, we have different strategies that you can use to make that venture successful. If you have an existing brand this exciting route will surely benefit it a lot. Your podcast creation will be on the right track by using the best practices in the field.

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