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Have you considered using leaflets in your marketing?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Have you considered using leaflets in your marketing?

Many of you were thinking that leaflet marketing has already lost popularity because of the extensive growth of digital marketing. Well, that is not the case as leaflets are beneficial to a niche market of customers.

Maybe you are thinking that we are just exaggerating things here, but no, despite the dominance of digital marketing, the charm of using leaflets is still there for many.

With the use of the latest technologies like Canva it becomes possible. You can be able to make wonderful leaflets then distribute them in the real world.

The Benefits of Leaflet Marketing

If you are still skeptical about the wondrous benefits that leaflet marketing can give, let us inform you of a few of its benefits.

By using print marketing, you will be able to decide whether you want to integrate this marketing strategy into your campaigns.

Leaflet marketing could bring out your creativity:

By being creative in your marketing strategies, you will have higher chances of enticing your target audiences. This is by putting graphics on the leaflet to make it look more desirable.

· It is one of the cheapest ways to market your brand:

You do not have to spend thousands of pounds just for your brand to be noticed by people.

· It is easy to distribute:

You can just bring the leaflet everywhere you go and distribute it, or you can hand post to houses, or arrange distribution through a distribution house.

How to create efficient leaflets?

In this part of the article, we will discuss how you can create engaging leaflets.

· Ensure you use relevant graphics: This will entice the people who will view your leaflets to continue reading them. They will become interested in the content as they are seeing that the graphics are truly appealing to the eyes. So, it is safe to say that being visual is the key to creating valuable leaflets that will truly help your business to flourish.

· Content must be concise: You must make sure that you put clear concise information on your leaflets. Avoid putting too much fluff as it can take away the interest of the people in viewing what is written on your leaflets. A call to action is what is needed.

· Be mindful about quality: You need to take the importance of the quality of the leaflets. It must have passed all the standard checks that you usually do when you are checking for the reliability of your products. When it comes to leaflets check the print if it is good, quality of paper, and check if there are errors in the content. Proofread all, before it is printed to paper.

The Elements of a Leaflet

Although a lot of formatting right now is available in making a leaflet, it is still advisable to go conventional. The old way of how the elements are arranged is pretty amazing.

Providing clear visualisation of the leaflet’s content.

· Heading: It is the overall title of the topic that you have on your leaflet. This is where the audience will have a grasp of what they will see on your leaflet. It is like an overview.

· Subheading: It is optional to put a subheading in, however can explain a more detailed overview of the topic. This will clear the thoughts of your audience in case there are uncertainties.

· Content: This is where you will put the main content on the leaflet. You must be concise on this as the space in the leaflet is limited. Do not forget your graphics can do a lot of the talking.

· Address or website: Ensure to put your contact details such as your address or website. Telephone number too if this is an additional way for your business to be contacted. Be sure that there are no typographical errors. This is because your contact details will be the ones used by the customer to get back to you if they are interested in your offer.

· Background: Never forget this one as it will look so dull if your leaflet does not contain any graphics at all. There are ad agencies that offer Commercial Photographic Services which you can utilise to add a real individual feel to your leaflets.


Leaflet marketing could bring a potential boost to your sales. It allows people to be aware of what your brand can offer. However, for it to be effective, you must do it the right way.

Phoenix Marketing a local ad agency is based in Haywards Heath and part of our services offers the opportunity to work with you to ensure that your leaflet marketing journey is an effective one.

Our marketing strategy is aligned with the right methodologies that can spark up growth in your business. It does not matter whether you are a small or a big organisation; we have a concrete plan to make your marketing campaigns more astounding.

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