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How to use your database as a sales tool

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Paid social agency Phoenix Marketing shares some handy tips on database sales.

There is no doubt as to why you will always hear the word ‘database’ within marketing. This is purely because of its usefulness in all your marketing campaigns.

So, what comes into your mind when you hear the word database? Probably storage... I guess so!

Yes, you are correct, and it is very well connected to marketing as many individuals use theirs to be successful.

In internet marketing, you will be able to see various databases as a sales tool. Below please find different examples of databases individually listed for you to get an understanding of them.

· Email lists: There is no doubt that the email database is at the top of this list because of its popularity. Once you got the right email list that is specifically targeted to your niche, you have a high chance of converting. However, it could be tricky to get an email list especially if you are not that techie and understanding all the rules and regulations for holding such data.

There are many paid for platforms that you can invest in to start building your list. These platforms also cover you for data protection and give you the ability to segment your list so you know the emails you are sending go directly to those customers of yours that would be interested in a particular product or message you are sending out.

Once set up, you can now easily send newsletters that contain updates regarding your brand. This will be the best way to have a continuous connection to your present and future customers.

· Contact numbers: If you have a membership site then most probably you already got the data of your subscribers. Never underestimate the value of contact numbers. You can use them for calling out randomly if you want to offer new products and services. Do not limit yourself to emails only as quite a lot of individuals are not reading their emails regularly. In addition, SMS messages can be effective. Again, there are various companies that can support you in the set up of these types of databases.

The Importance of Database

Aside from its primary usage of being a tool in your marketing campaign, they have other importance as well.

· A database can be your reference in case you need to find a previous customer for some reason.

· Your database can also be used for analysis if you want to check out who has purchased any of your products. It will help you know where to continue sending more emails.

· You can keep and use it on your future campaigns. As we all know, there are times wherein we decide to have new products. So, it is important to have an email list ready. You can re-use your old email list and just update it by adding more emails to it to become more effective. Remember to cleanse your database on a regular basis.

How to get an email list?

· You can find various agencies that are selling email lists for an affordable price: You can find them websites searchable through Google. But always be careful on what to choose because there are sites that offer empty email lists meaning the entire email list is full of dummy email accounts.

· Use Google forms: If you already have a working site then you can integrate a page that is dedicated to your Google form. It is usually a default feature on Blogger as you can integrate it through their widgets. However, if you are using WordPress or another hosting site then you just need to copy the code and paste it directly on your page. If you do not have any experience doing so, you can just paste the link to make it easier. But you have higher chances of getting those forms filled up if it is already present in your page.

· Research on the internet: Do not ever underestimate the power of researching. There are lots of email lists available on the internet for free. Usually, they are available in .csv and .txt formats. But do not get your hope high on free email lists as mostly they are outdated or oversaturated already. As mentioned above, a stronger resource would be to invest in an emailing database structure, set up ready for you to grow organically, from sites such as Mailchimp. You can import an existing list, but if starting from scratch this is a great tool, financed monthly and works intelligently for you regarding data protection, cleansing data and segmentation of customers.


Gathering data has lots of uses and ultimately is essential for marketing. It will be such an advantage for a business owner to have a collection of data that they can use for their marketing campaigns to grow their brand.

If you need help, or advice, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Phoenix Marketing we look after all aspects of marketing for you including, paid social, google ads agency, ppc, mobile SEO and much much more!

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