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Phoenix Welcomes The Well Balanced Centre as a new client.

We are incredibly proud to announce a new signing for the agency in the form of The Well Balanced Centre. Providing Physiotherapy for older people in their own homes

Lizzi, a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist from Kings College London, has worked in both the NHS and private sectors, providing inpatient and home-based care for older patients.

For the last nine years, she has specialised in treating older people with a range of orthopaedic and medical conditions and has a particular interest in falls and balance in this patient group.

Also, she has spent many years working with patients with dementia and feels strongly that Physiotherapy can preserve and promote activity in these patients.

Launching her business to cover Haywards Heath and Mid Sussex, the company also aims to bridge the gap between long waiting lists for the NHS Community Physiotherapy input and provide professional and effective rehabilitation at home.

Lizzi commented "Seeing the impact of ageing on people on a daily basis I have become extremely passionate about wanting to promote the best quality of life I can for this population.

I strongly believe that seeing people in their own home environments can really help build a positive therapeutic relationship in a setting where the individual feels more at ease which in turn helps boost confidence."

We have been working with Lizzi to design her website and online presence offering a comprehensive digital strategy to push referrals to her business. We are also in the process of creating brochures and other promotional materials for GP's and the care home sector.

If you feel COVID has limited the ability of someone you know to be active? Or you feel unsteady on your feet, or lack confidence moving around but want to get out more, we suggest getting in touch with The Well Balanced Centre today.

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