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SEO Keyword Research

Updated: Apr 6, 2023


Arguably one of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is keyword research. It forms the bedrock of SEO marketing and businesses must have an extensive and systematic plan in place to execute the perfect strategy that engages with the keywords. This article covers the fundamentals of keyword research such as its definition, importance, and procedure.


When a user seeks a particular product or service, they use certain words to look it up on the internet. Keyword research can be defined as the process through which such words and phrases (called keywords) that are most commonly used by people in search engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo) for a specific niche or industry are discovered and analyses by businesses for the purpose of search engine optimization or any other marketing strategy.

What Questions Does Keyword Research Answer?

Keyword research is extremely beneficial for competitive analysis, uncovering hidden insights, highlighting popular words, expanding the scope of your online presence, positively shaping the content of your website, and bettering your marketing strategy. It does so by effectively answering the following questions:

- What terms are users searching for?

- Who is searching for these terms?

- How often are these terms being searched?

- How many people are searching for these terms?

- Where are the users located?

- What is the intent behind a user’s search?

By answering these questions, you have a much more coherent idea about the SEO requirements you must meet for your business to stay on top of the competitive market.

What Makes A Good Keyword?

Keywords can be deemed effective when it meets the following three factors:

- Relevance: the intent behind a search must be thoroughly analysed by businesses to provide a valuable result to customers for better rankings on search engines.

- Authority: you can strengthen your website by creating informative, helpful, qualitative, and unique content that would naturally be shared as relevant sources.

- Volume: look for niches of keywords that people are searching for, which can be measured in MSV (monthly search volume).


Doing keyword research for your business can prove to be very beneficial in numerous different ways. Here are a few advantages you will get by investing in proper keywords search:

  1. Expands Your Online Presence

Since the objective of keywords research is to analyse what is most in-demand and provide the customers exactly that, they are bound to like what they see. Keyword research will expand an idea that you have into more relatable subtopics which may be based on semantics or other analytical tools. Your business ideas can be realised when topics that best suit your niche get unearthed in the process

  1. Facilitates Higher Rankings in Search Engines

Google leads the race of best search engines by multiple leaps, and doing qualitative keyword research which is focused, precise and relevant will help your website attain the top spots in Google searches.

  1. Communicates to the Relevant Target Audience for Your Business

A business will only ever be successful when it can efficiently demarcate the audience that its content is for. Targeting the right audience will always be an essential part of keyword research since it calls for precision and relevance. Through keyword research, you will know exactly what the audience demands and be able to communicate in a better fashion.

  1. Increases Social Media Outreach

When your website has relevant keywords that reflect the needs and trends of the current market, customers are most likely to share the product or service you offer. Traffic on your website will grow organically when you are mentioned or when your content is shared in users’ social media handles. a Other SEO elements such as link building also help increase web traffic.

  1. Uncovers Hidden Customer Insights

By the answering the above questions and doing keyword research, you can get a lot of information about your customer. Tools such as Google Trends will help you understand behavioural patterns. You will then be able to cater to all the dynamic needs of the customers with due efficiency by analysing insights supported by state of the art technology.


Phoenix Marketing is a great local marketing agency in the UK that can successfully and efficiently manage all your SEO keyword research requirements to guarantee results of increased sales, more organic traffic, and expansive market visibility. Our team of experts will work with you around the clock to chalk out the perfect marketing strategy for your business through a series of consultations. To bring all the benefits of keyword research to your website, book a consultation with us today!

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