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Updated: Apr 6, 2023


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become an extremely essential component in the marketing strategy of all businesses. A comprehensively built SEO strategy for your business can prove to be advantageous in a lot of ways. These include channelling organic traffic to your website, increasing market visibility, bettering user experience, improving credibility and trust, providing constant promotion and offering impressive ROI among many others. In such a competitive market that calls for dynamic measures to stay ahead of everyone else, SEO and its components is a great help. One of those components is link building. This article highlights the importance of link building for your firm and the incredible role Phoenix Marketing can play.


Link building is the process where you add hyperlinks from other websites to your own so that users can easily navigate between different pages. This connects your website to others and allows the search engine to switch between them. Business owners must consciously work towards building links on their website to expand its scope, invite more traffic and make it more authentic.

When a link to your website is quoted in another website, it sends a signal to Google that your website is a reliable source of information that may be reasonably cited. Sites with more hyperlinks are more likely to earn better SEO rankings and are shown prominently according to all keywords.


When your website gets hyperlinked to another site, it proves to the readers that you are a reliable and credible source. It also generates more traffic for your website. Here are a few tips that can help in getting other sites to link you:

Testimonials, Reviews, and Mentions

Offering your product or service to influencers and bloggers, encouraging customers to write reviews and record testimonials, and increasing your social media reach will invite more websites to link your work.

Content Creation

If you create unique and qualitative content that serves as the bedrock value for your industry, others are bound to link your website to theirs as an excellent reference.

Partners, Colleagues, Families and Friends

Your interpersonal connections may also help you in getting quoted on other websites. Ask your friends, family members and other professional partners to link your website to external places that hold relevance to your industry.


Businesses can attain the benefits through link building by systemically and strategically placing relevant links in a balance throughout the website. For instance, hyperlinking from an authoritative website will better serve your audience and Google rankings. Building links is complex and involving professionals to take care of your SEO marketing needs is always a good idea. Here are the various other benefits you can get from link building:

  1. Fosters Profitable Relationships

Depending on the kind of content your website promotes, building a link enables you to meet other relevant websites from a similar niche. Outreach can help you not only get essential links for your website but also make a sustainable relationship with important people in your industry, opening avenues for collaboration. Gaining trust, increasing brand visibility, and building authority can all be achieved through fostering a network of profitable relationships.

  1. Expands Brand Image and Credibility

Link building can transform your brand and bring it to the leading position in the market by making it more credible, trustworthy and visible. When more websites hyperlink you, it creates a notion of authority and dependability to be quoted as a valid source of information. Your website will become the face of your industry.

  1. Increases Organic and Referral Traffic to Your Website

By linking relevant links from your niche and industry on your website, you open the avenue for relevant traffic to reach it too. Web traffic is a good indicator of your website’s performance. With more organic traffic on your website, Google rankings also increase. A lot of people will visit the site through references in other websites, while most others will rely on it to be in the higher search results.

  1. Generates More Sales Opportunities

Generally, more traffic on your website relates to more sales for your business. Since links bring in a whole different audience for your products and services and boost your rankings, more people are likely to buy them from you. Depending on the keywords used, your website will appear higher on the search results and is likely to be the first few links potential customers click on.


Link building has only grown in importance under SEO, with ever-increasing business firms partnering with professionals to build the best marketing strategy that works with the existing competitive market. Phoenix Marketing, based in the UK, will exceed all your SEO, social media and marketing needs with a team of experts tasked to boost your sales. Book a consultation today!

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