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Updated: Apr 6, 2023


It is no secret that social media has a significant influence on the success of a business enterprise. It holds the power to make or break your brand, given its relevance in the current world. In such a scenario, businesses have consciously integrated social media into their marketing strategy to constructively engage with a large audience in a matter of seconds. It builds a community of active members and creates a unique niche for your product/service. This social media presence must be reviewed, upgraded, and developed regularly to keep your brand and its content relevant in such dynamic times. As a social media agency for small business, Phoenix Marketing has compiled some information that you may just find useful.

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Social media builds communities

Conducting an audit is essential for a solo entrepreneur, large corporation, retailer, or small business owner alike. It aligns your brand's goals with your social media strategy and identifies which social media platforms best suit it. Agencies like Phoenix Marketing excel in guiding you through audit procedures. Let's understand the audit process in more detail:


Before you start working on your social media profiles, it is important to know which aspects you need to work on. To identify the scope of improvement for your social media, answer the following questions:

· Are all your accounts and pages fully optimised for easy usage by the customers?

· Are the photos uploaded on your profile of the best quality?

· Are all your contact details updated and fully functional?

· Do you update the software of your social media apps regularly?

· Do you use every new feature on the apps to maximise engagement with your followers?

· Are all the links mentioned in your profile functional?

· Does the 'bio' section on your social media app portray how you can help your customers?

. Have you searched for on google 'social media agency for small business'?

By finding answers to all these questions, you can get a head start on your journey of improving your social media strategy. The key to rising to the top position is to post content consistently. Being active ensures that your account does not fall dormant.

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Review your profile


Your social media will gain momentum when you engage with an audience that is relevant to your brand. To understand the kind of audience you cater to and how to make it more inclusive, it is important to note the following metrics:


Analyse the kind of people you follow and who follow you. Overall, it is a good sign if the people who influence your audience somehow complement your product/service. You can also follow content creators, current and potential customers, fellow brands, etc., to create a network in your field and gain inspiration from time to time.

Audience demographics

All major social media platforms break down your audience demographics if your account is a branded one. Make sure you review aspects like location, gender, age, etc. If these metrics fall within your target audience, take it as a sign that you're on the right track.

Website traffic

Use tools like Google Analytics or your website analytics to see where your visitors are coming from and doing when they get to your social media profile. Just the number of likes is not an adequate metric of how well your pages are doing.


Several social media channels exist today, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. You need to identify which platforms your audience favour the most and focus on boosting engagement there. Look for the following insights to gauge your performance on a platform:

· The number of page visitors.

· The number of likes, shares, comments and saves you get on a post

· Frequency of posts seen.

· Engagement percentage, i.e., the number of engagements you post, is divided by its reach x 100.

Always remember to quantify this data and regularly maintain a track record to identify improvements in the future.

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Always quantify the data


Your social media goals depend on the kind of business you run. For instance, the sole purpose of social media for a new business would be to increase their visibility, while bigger corporations may use sites such as LinkedIn for recruitment purposes. It is crucial to identify such goals before you can make progress on your social media platforms. Only when you know what you wish to achieve can you make conscious efforts in that direction. Here is a handy list of the most common goals that businesses wish to get through a solid social media presence:

· Increasing brand awareness

· Increasing engagement with the target audience

· Higher organic traffic to their website

· Generating more sales opportunities

· Gaining trust and credibility

All your actions on social media must be made keeping in mind these goals.


It is now time to find your best- and worst-performing posts on social media and analyse the reasons for this. Check whether your posts meet and augment since you have already established certain goals you wish to achieve through your social media platforms. Do a pros and cons analysis to understand what is working for you and what are certain aspects of your online presence that you should ditch.

Tracking your activity on a monthly or quarterly basis is a great idea to begin with. Another great way is to look at your top 3 and bottom 3 posts and assess why they performed the way they performed. You want to avoid the patterns you see at the lower end, such as:

· Time of posting

· Type of content

· Usage of hashtags

· Quality of audio/visuals

· Weak call to action, etc.

Phoenix Marketing a social media agency for small business will guide you through this entire process of a complete social media audit. All you need to do is visit our website and book our expert services today!

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