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We believe in local talent

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Here at Phoenix Marketing we believe in local talent. We are a Marketing and SEO agency based near Brighton, West Sussex. At Phoenix Marketing we provide professional sales, marketing, and photography services to clients from a range of industry sectors. We are committed to supporting local businesses, yet also offer our services to clients from further afield. Our priority is to drive leads to your business. We combine strategic thinking with an innovative mindset to help companies grow and ultimately achieve their goals.

Storytelling is a vital part of our business strategy. We craft business pitches, campaigns, articles, and blog pieces that are specifically geared towards promoting your business. In the digital world that we live in, customers are bombarded with a high number of advertisements every day. Through using the stories of individual people to sell products, we make sure that your company stands out from the crowd. We specialise in SEO writing that makes your content accessible to search engines.

This type of writing ensures that your content appears on the first page of Google search results. This means that a wider audience is able to view your content, which increases your platform and drives sales leads. In this way, storytelling and marketing go hand in hand. We use storytelling as a powerful technique for building trust between your business and your target audience.

At Phoenix Marketing, we work with your business to create a tailored marketing strategy. We ask the questions:

- What will success look like for your brand?

- Who is your target audience?

- What do you want your target audience to do?

- How do you currently generates sales leads?

In the initial planning stage, our team works with you to develop a deep understanding of your company, and your competitors. Having done this, we map an efficient and effective marketing plan for your company. We identify strategies that will make sense for your industry, budget, and audience. Then, we use a number of marketing tactics to help make meaningful connections with your target audience. The purpose of this is to inspire brand loyalty and to drive sales leads.

Are you a small business that is looking to get more sales leads?

We offer the choice of four business packages for your company. The Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Premium packages include a range of services that are designed to help support your company. The Bronze package is our starter package, and offers support for five days a week. This package includes organic digital strategy planning and execution, and the implementation of digital lead generation on your phone or computer. In the Bronze package, we will work on improving your businesses’ social media marketing strategy.

We will also focus on tracking the age, gender, and location of your audience. Additionally, we will create all of the digital artwork needed to promote your business.

These strategies will help drive leads to your business.

Our next service is aimed at companies looking for more marketing support and our Silver package includes all the services of the Bronze Package, and yet has added benefits. The additional services included in the Silver Package include photography services; we will make sure that your staff, product, and company image libraries are kept up to date.

This also includes a PR services: we will create weekly content-led pieces for your company. These will be written with the intention of sharing to local press and/or social media, and we will funnel this content through digital media distribution channels.

In the Silver Package, we will also manage your email database in order to increase engagement. Finally, we will design leaflets, package, point of sale, banner ads, and merchandise that is specially tailored to your company.

Our Gold package includes a focus on sales leads. A member of staff will follow up on the results from your digital marketing, and will qualify all sales leads into business. Furthermore, with the Gold package we will up-sell your product offerings and provide weekly reports on the progress of your business.

Looking for extra sales support?

Then our Gold package is a 1-1 sales lead generating services, we research and understand your industry sector then assign a sales professional to canvass and generate interest in your companies products or services.

The Premium package offers the broadest range of services. In addition to all of the services provided in the other packages, the Premium Package includes the conduct of customer led surveys, and intelligence-gathering projects. We will use these to identify your target audience, and their beliefs. This will be invaluable information in improving your business’ marketing strategy. Through spotting early trends in these projects, we can use marketing technology to give us data insights. This allows us to make better business decisions and so increase your sales.


Here at Phoenix Marketing, we believe that a podcast is an invaluable marketing tool. This is why we offer the opportunity to create a professional podcast. We work with you to create a podcast strategy that will help you put together a professional show reel. The aim is to create a podcast that puts forward the unique ideas of your company in a compelling way.

The purpose of this is to generate listeners and so add to the marketing of your business. Once we have formed a strategy, our team brings all of the necessary equipment to you so that the podcast can come to life. We work with leading podcast providers— iTunes, Spotify and buzzsprout to make sure that your podcasts are delivered on time each week.

At Phoenix Marketing, we combine a strategic and forward-thinking mindset with a creative outlook to drive leads to your business. Our team of sales, writing, photographic, and audio professionals work to create an effective and efficient marketing strategy that is uniquely tailored to your company. We believe that with the right strategy, every company can flourish.

Contact us to set up an appointment and commit to improving your business today.

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