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What is SEO and how do you boost it?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Boost your Google ranking with SEO.

When it comes to internet marketing, we always tend to hear this three-letter combination. ‘SEO’ – let us explain a little more about it here you.

So, do you have an idea of what SEO means? Maybe yes, the abbreviation is “Search Engine Optimization”. The big question is what does it do and why it is very popular when it comes to marketing?

SEO became an integral part of every online marketing strategy. This is because it is cheap, however very challenging to do. But the key to it is you do not need to spend money on ads just to appear on the first page of the Google search engine. You can use SEO.

This is made possible with the utilisation of keywords. The proper selection, placing, and instances of keywords in an article are important in SEO.

However, it can be challenging for a beginner to outsmart the algorithm of Google but with hard work it is possible. There are different ways for you to boost your Google rankings without the need for any paid advertising or rocket science!

Boosting Your Search Engine Rankings

Boosting your rankings does not work just for Google, it works on all search engines. All the strategies that we are about to lay out can also affect your rankings across all search engines.

This is a win-win situation for you. You will get listed decently on the biggest search engine site (Google) whilst also getting visibility on other search engines too.

As a result, you will be able to see increased traffic on your site. This is expected as your website link will have higher chances of getting clicked because it is listed on the first page of Google.

However, do not expect that this will come quickly. You will have to wait as there is no exact timeline on how Google will bring your site to the first page of its search rankings. The bottom line is you need to persevere with your keywords, and they will come to fruition for you.

If you will just follow the best practices of SEO then there is nothing to worry about. Time will come that your SEO goals will come to life if you stay consistent.

On a side note, it is easy to rank up your site right now on search engines. This is because of the tools that are readily available and functioning even while you are still writing your content. One concrete example is WordPress. There are lots of apps that you can integrate into your site for you to be more efficient in SEO practices while writing.

Strategies in Boosting Your Google Ranking

There are many strategies that you can do to accomplish the task. We will list them below, so that you can apply them immediately on your site.

· Use keyword analyzer tools: This will be one of your main weapons in boosting your rankings. It will give you the different analytics that you can study to put you at a significant advantage among your competitors within your niche.

· Optimized Meta Description: When it comes to SEO campaigns, this is one of the factors that you should not overlook. This must be brief and contain the right keywords too.

It is because meta description is shown directly below your website link on every search engine page result. It is where possible site visitors will help them decide if they will pursue to view your site or not.

· Consistent posting: If you own a website, you must post regularly on it making it blog based. This is because Google and other search engine sites will easily be aware of the existence of your site and index it to their pages. It is a good way to increase your search engine ranking in the quickest way possible.

· High readability: If you are doing blog posts then most probably it is a great practice to make your articles readable. The high readability rating will add up a lot of SEO points to your blog site. As a result, you will get higher chances of getting indexed on all the major search engine sites. In checking for readability, there are tools that you can use such as Hemingwayapp. It is great for checking readability and is super user-friendly. You just have to paste your content on the big textbox in the middle of their website.

· Right grammar and spelling: It does not need to be perfect but it must have decent grammar and spelling. Many overlook this as they are focused on injecting the keywords all over the article. They are already compromising the grammar or even the spelling of words which is never good for SEO.

· Use the right tools: There are lots of tools available all over the internet that you can use. Some are free while others are paid apps. An example of a useful tool for SEO is plagiarism checkers. They are important as they can truly hurt your SEO rankings if you have content that is copied from others.


For brand owners, it is amazing if several pages of your site will be indexed to the first page of Google and other search engines. It is like a door of opportunity that you want to unlock.

However, because of the stiff competition, it becomes very hard for a website to enter the first page of the rankings.

Regarding that, we can help you with that task. We at Phoenix Marketing can provide useful insights and methodologies to increase the ranking of your website in the search engines. It is one of our key specialisms. This will make your marketing campaigns significantly successful.

If you want to seek our services we are and SEO marketing firm so do feel free to contact us through our website. We offer all kinds of digital marketing services including SEO and webdesign.

As a creative digital agency, we are aware of the problems that our clients face. We want to make sure that we work closely with each individual to solve their issues using the best digital marketing practices.

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