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What is ‘tone of voice’?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

In content creation, tone is very important. It sets the mood required to make people get interested in your brand. It is essential your tone of voice is consistent across all your media. Here at Phoenix Marketing we are an experienced digital creative agency so we can help you tailor your own.

You likely will have already recognized that nowadays in digital marketing, tone of voice is ‘light’ and ‘conversational’. Done are the days where formal tone is dominant on the internet.

This is because people are now inclined in reading or watching engaging content. It makes them feel comfortable with what they are viewing. It has a ‘personality’ to it.

As a result of using a light tone, you will get more engagement on your posts thereby increasing the chances of getting more leads.

Moreover, it is proven that if people love the way you deliver your message then it is highly likely that they will subscribe to your channels.

You can consider having the following clickable widgets on your site, this will help you utilize the maximum potential of your tone of voice across all mediums.

You are of course not limited to those widgets listed above; you can add many as you wish to your site.

If you do choose to use multiple channels to post your content and there are specific postings for each channel, never lose your consistency. If your tone is light and engaging be sure to apply it on all the platforms that you are using.

Why tone of voice is very important in content creation?

Viewers and listeners can easily distinguish if you are being natural or not. Therefore, it is important that before you create content, you must decide what mood to set.

It is a win-win situation for both the creator and the audience. As a content creator, you will likely not feel uncomfortable speaking or writing in a tone that is too formal, hence the trend now is much more informal and engaging.

For the audience, they will have a wonderful time viewing your content which might result in more follows, likes and all important basket checkouts.

However, there are instances whereby having a consistent tone of voice is not achievable.

Examples of this may be, some topics could be hard to integrate your natural tone to. Do not worry if this happens, as it will not be often, but recognize there will be times that you need to focus on a more formal tone – usually to get a clear message across.

This could be to explain specific details about niche items, or to go into detail on factual references.

Types of Tone of Voice in Content Creation

There are various types of voice tone that you will encounter. Let us try to break them down below for you so you have an idea of what tones you will likely encounter.

· Sales type: This type of tone is the one that will try to convince you. It is more on promoting the product in a fun way using engagement.

· Formal: Before the early days of the internet, you will notice that formal tone is prevalent. The content particularly in blogs was made of big paragraphs. Formal tone may sound intimidating for some that is why this type of writing is just used right now for items such as academic articles.

· Casual: When it comes to tone of voice, this is the most used right now by many. It is much easier to write, and readers do not find it too boring making them stay and continue reading the content. This is commonly used in customer service conversations and articles.

How can you discover your tone of voice?

Both in speaking and writing contents, tone of voice is severely important. Always remember that audience retention is higher if you keep them interested in what you are saying.

Having said that, it is great if in the early stages you can already determine the tone of voice that you should use and keep it consistent across all your media.

In this part of the article, we will try to dig deeper to help you find your very own tone of voice.

· Know your niche: It is a standard operating procedure to know your niche if you want to determine what kind of tone you will use. This will make things more appropriate especially when you start putting content on your site.

· Ask yourself what is comfortable for you: Different people have their corresponding tones when speaking or writing. We cannot do anything about that but tweak it. This is because not all of us are professional content creators.

However, this is not the reason not to adjust accordingly. You must do your best to align your tone to the content that you are trying to portray.


If you are just starting with content creation, then it is normal that it will take time for you to find your voice. The solution is you continuously post until you find what is comfortable for you.

It will also make you a better content creator in the long run. So never tremble if you feel that you are having a hard time speaking out. The time will come that you will master the craft, and it will all flow naturally.

To make things easier and faster you can always avail the services of Phoenix Marketing we are always right there to help you out with that marketing task. With deep experience as an SEO marketing agency that includes media planning, you are in the right hands. A lot of clients inside and outside of West Sussex have already experienced the difference that Phoenix Marketing has given them in their business.

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