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What is your business story?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

How many times have we all heard: “tell the story of your business”?

Well, you start filling up pages and perhaps begin with when you first had the inspiration to start, exactly where you were and some of the difficulties you had to face. Then the flood gates open- images, words, thoughts and feelings pour out of you about your entrepreneurial journey and you feel like you are on the right path. The truth is though, that when it comes to business storytelling, if it doesn’t give you some headaches and hurt a little, you are definitely not doing it right.

We all have the capacity to start off with a well composed intro, but you must look a little deeper if you want to really show your potential clients the human element to your enterprise. So just how can you be truly inspired to compose a compelling story?

Try putting your own perspective right on the line and show others you aren’t afraid of being vulnerable. After all, business is just that, it can grow and recede in a heartbeat and everyone is experiencing varying degrees of these two shifts every day. If you are still reading this, my guess is you have also had your ups and downs.

No one likes to be judged either. When you put a social post on your local Facebook community, expressing pride in your business, it can be hard to see everyone chime in with their opinions and have not all of them be positive but that’s just life. It’s important to lose this fear when you write about your business – after all you have got this far.

Lastly, you have got a few demons to face as well. Look in the mirror and evaluate just how good you are at what you are telling your audience about then dig deeper and really compose a compelling story. Think about what you are asking people to do through your story. Do you want them to trust you, connect with you and buy from you? Those are three big asks. And how can you ask so much from a stranger, if you are not ready to give a piece of yourself?

Your story is important, it is dramatic, it is interesting, it could be sad, it could talk about tragedy but being honest and open will offer a beauty to your storytelling that captures the heart. If it is interesting it’s worth sharing but you have to master this.

Your story is important

And now it comes to the part where you might think that your story is not dramatic, interesting, sad, or exciting enough. Well, believe me when I say: your story is perfection, it is beautiful, it’s interesting and worth sharing. But you have to master how to do that. Or get in touch with us here at Phoenix Marketing, we've many strings to our bow, one includes being a social digital agency.

We've some great storytellers here at the firm here in Haywards Heath

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