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Why should you combine social media and email marketing?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

We all have plenty of options when it comes to what we buy and who we work with within the digital era. Therefore, people need to get to know us and see our material a lot before they buy from us. As a business owner, you must provide people with the opportunity to see that message and educate them on why they want and need exactly what you are providing.

Why am I required to combine both?

Simply said, you want to help your customers along their journey and build a relationship with them. We need a combination of factors to help our marketing work smarter and harder, and no single marketing channel is perfect.

A young lady biting her pencil as who looks excitedly at a laptop screen
When used correctly, social media enables you to reach the audience you want and need

We must all create a sales funnel of people who require our products and services and help them through the process of becoming a client who will refer us to their customers and friends.

But first and foremost, people must be aware that you exist. This is where social media enters the picture. When used correctly, social media enables you to reach the audience you want and need, build your reputation, and give people a glimpse into how you work and, most importantly, how you can assist them.

Those on your mailing list (or the one you aim to establish) are, on the other hand, a little closer to you. They have got either:

· I've already worked with you and would like to remain involved and engaged.

· They choose to be on your email list or agree to be on it because they are interested in what you do and want to learn more.

To summarise, combining social media and email marketing can be incredibly effective.

Effectiveness of social media

People usually use social media for recreational purposes. They're there to look around and aren't likely to be seeking a specific product or service that they've decided to buy (that's what Google is for).

The main reasons for people using social media, according to Smart Insights, are:

· To maintain contact with friends and family

· To keep up with current events,

· To pass free time

Regardless, social media is extremely crucial for businesses. It's a cost-effective way of bringing attention to your work, making connections, and forming a community!

It's also useful for social listening and gaining insight into your target audience. Over time, you'll learn what resonates with your audience, what they find useful, and what kind of content they require from you.

You may reach out to a new audience regularly and create relationships without having to constantly ask individuals to opt-in.

However, there are significant drawbacks to using social networking. To begin with, because you are fighting for limited space in the newsfeed, only a fraction of your audience will be able to see your posting.

Second, you're susceptible to algorithm changes and reliant on a third party (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) to keep you linked to the audience you've diligently created.

Third, staying on top of each platform and coming up with new ideas to keep your audience engaged can be difficult.

Simply said, social media serves as a sampler, raises awareness, and encourages your audience to say YES!! I'd like to learn more. What's the best way for me to find out?

The next stage is to think about how you'll transform those followers into adoring fans and customers. Those that interact with you remember your actions and return for more.

Effectiveness of Email marketing

Email marketing can help with this. Your email, unlike social media, will be delivered straight to that person's inbox. They may not immediately open it, but they will notice it, and your name will come to mind.

According to Mailchimp, email marketing has an average global open rate of 18%, which doesn't include everyone who saw your email in their inbox and was reminded of your existence.

Facebook posts, on the other hand, will only reach about 3% of your followers.

Furthermore, you can target specific information to certain people on your email list based on their preferences.

· The titles you've assigned to them.

· The stuff they've purchased

· How often do they read your emails?

 a top down image of a desk with various items on it - a message saying marketing strategy, an iron, some pens and a pot plant
What is your marketing strategy?

Monitor carefully

You can also monitor who is responding to your emails regularly. The higher the email open rate, the more likely they are to be interested in your products and services.

Email is also more personal because it is frequently addressed to us as people from another individual, making us feel a little more unique!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, so make the most of it by ensuring they get the content they want and need to assist them in making a purchasing decision.

In exchange, you will have the ability to own the list (no risk of having your account shut down or that pesky algorithm changing). But you can also keep track of who is most engaged with you and how they got there! This can assist you in figuring out who is most likely to buy and what products or services they are interested in.

Now that you know the benefits of both social media and email marketing, combine the two and use them to boost your engagement with the audience! Need some more advice? Contact us here at Phoenix Marketing.

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