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SEO is a key feature of any online business. It is crucial that customers see your website at the top of the rankings when they are searching for the products or services that you offer. Phoenix Marketing can help you achieve business goals through our SEO keywords strategy and consultancy service, tailored to your specific needs. We will help you to identify the keywords that are most relevant to your business and then create content that will rank highly in search engine results pages.

We utilise the latest SEO techniques to improve and monitor your rankings on search engines. Our team of experts are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for your business. We will track your website's performance on a regular basis and make changes to you SEO and Keywords strategy as needed.

Website SEO Audit

Phoenix Marketing understands that SEO is essential for businesses of all sizes in order to achieve their marketing objectives. As part of our SEO consultancy, we offer a full SEO Audit service to help us understand your website and develop a detailed and targeted SEO strategy that suits your needs and objectives.

Our comprehensive audit of your website will support us in understanding the current SEO ranking and develop a suitable approach that includes an SEO Keywords Strategy, Position Tracking, Link Building and Performance Monitoring.

By completing this audit, we ensure that you are completely informed and involved in the development stage of the campaign and guarantee that we develop a strategy to suit your needs and generate a strong ROI.


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Keyword & Content Strategy

Having a comprehensive SEO keywords strategy is crucial. We identify and utilise key words to enhance your website’s position on search engines to drive website traffic. Once we have identified suitable key words, we apply them to create succinct and engaging content to enhance your website's position on search engines.

We monitor the performance of these keywords on a regular basis to ensure that once we get you to the high rankings, we keep you there. 

Position Tracking

As part of our SEO consultancy service, we monitor all aspects of your campaign. We utilise the latest programmes and software to enable us to launch and maintain a successful SEO strategy. We don’t just monitor our campaign, we also keep track of your key competitors to support us in gauging the success of your website and get ahead of the crowd.

We also constantly look to adapt to Google’s algorithm. As this is always changing, it is important for us to constantly monitor your website’s SEO and keyword strategy to ensure that your website maintains a high ranking.

We pride ourselves on developing a comprehensive campaign with longevity to ensure that once we get you to the top page, you stay there.

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Link Building

Whilst an effective SEO keywords strategy is important, building links is an effective way to enhance your website’s SEO.


Backlinks enhance your website and business’ authority to improve its ranking on search engines. We ensure that we generate high-quality and authoritative backlinks to place on your site.


As your website becomes more authoritative through legitimate backlinks, the better its rating on search engines.

On-Page SEO

SEO consultancy isn’t just about your position on a search engine.

We are constantly searching for how to enhance our clients’ websites to increase their SEO ranking, the user journey is a crucial aspect of this. Our experts regularly review user’s experiences when exploring your website and make alterations to your pages and content to increase targeted traffic and enhance leads and conversion rates.

Constant analysis of the on-page SEO is absolutely vital in developing the SEO of your website as a whole.

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Reporting To You

Whilst a strong SEO keywords strategy is crucial, our relationship with you is the most important part about being successful.

We regularly review and report back to you about the performance of your website. By ensuring that you understand your businesses’ performance, the more successful your SEO campaign will become, as we can adapt our strategy to suit your needs as well as emerging trends or issues. Our regular reporting is designed to set short- and longer-term goals to monitor our success and maximise your ROI.

Communication is invaluable to us, which is why we make sure we are as transparent and communicative as possible.

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