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Email Marketing can still be part of an effective marketing strategy, however it can be difficult to incorporate this into your own campaign. That’s where we come in! At Phoenix, we use our expertise to implement an effective email marketing campaign into your strategy to create leads and boost conversions to your website.


We work alongside our clients to develop a campaign that effectively embeds itself into the business by working to understand your goals and objectives. This allows us to structure our campaign to maximise your ROI.

Campaign Design

It can be tough to stand out from the crowd when undertaking email marketing. So use us to design an eye-catching campaign with the right message to stand out from your competitors and increase engagement on all devices and platforms. We also strive to understand our clients’ target market to allow us to segment mailing lists into segments to enable us to tailor your message effectively to each group.

By working with you, we ensure that your emails are differentiated from competitors and encourage customers to click. We also work to ensure that the message and branding is consistent across all of your platforms to ensure that your message remains the same throughout the business, improving the customer journey and increasing the likelihood of a sale being made. 


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Automating Your Emails

Email marketing can be a time-consuming process, at Phoenix Marketing, we automate and streamline the process for you. We strive to provide emails that encourage engagement and conversions to your company website. Examples of the type of emails we create include: welcome emails, nurture track emails, call to action emails and post transaction emails. All of these are designed to build a relationship with the customer to encourage brand loyalty.


As businesses hope to build relationships with a high number of customers, automating and streamlining this process is crucial. Our expertise enable us to automate engaging content that develops relationships throughout the customer journey with ease.

Auditing Campaigns

We carry out multiple audits to ensure that your email campaigns are effective and in great shape. As ‘success’ differs between companies, our constant communication with clients allows us to be as successful as possible in the eyes of our client. We report back to you on a regular basis to allow you to understand the inner workings and performance of the email marketing strategy.


Transparency is a core value of ours. We believe that being transparent when working alongside clients allows us to consistently adapt the campaign to ensure that you are maximising your ROI and seeing results.

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