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Phoenix Media Marketing – Digital marketing work experience

Updated: May 3

Phoenix Media Marketing is a key base for digital marketing work experience aimed at young people, as well as being an agency for local businesses wanting to expand their digital presence and brand. Based in Haywards Heath, the agency strives in collaboration to help clients achieve their goals and ambitions. This organisation aims for innovative solutions to tailor the needs of their clients – Phoenix also believes that a transition in the traditional marketing environment will allow businesses under their support to thrive and prosper.

A group of teenage students happy after applying digital marketing work experience

Phoenix Media Marketing consists of a dedicated team of experts, who are keen to contribute to businesses and assist clients when it comes to digital marketing and strategies that will help clients enhance their online appearance, social media management and creation of content. These three aspects are key and crucial if you are looking to enhance your business, as they will allow you to seize the attention of your potential customers and pitch your ideas effectively.

At Phoenix, the creative team of writers and marketing specialists are so passionate about building relationships with customers and are proud to partner with several companies that supply clients with the best experience. They also drive sales leads for their customers.

One of Phoenix’s main interests is helping local students gain digital marketing work experience so they can understand how an agency is run and what organisations like this include. If digital marketing work experience is something that you are interested in as a young person, then there are a couple of key things you need to put into action:

Creating a CV/personal statement

This is the first thing you should think about and one of the main things an employer will ask for. It just helps them know a bit more about you and what your abilities and talents are. It’s also a great opportunity for them to ask you about your specific skills and how you can use them in a workplace – which in this case would be media marketing. Be sure to include all of your experience, interests etc. and anything that you think an employer will find interesting and helpful.

Setting goals within digital marketing work experience

Knowing and understanding your goals and aims is an easy access to motivation. Even if you set yourself little goals like observing/trying a particular skill or speaking to people in a line of work you are interested, it will really help you understand your own ambitions and goals and how you can achieve them within digital marketing.

Contacting local/small businesses

It may be challenging finding work experience as a young person, but most small, local businesses will be willing to take in your CV and provide helpful information on how to apply for work opportunities. Even if you don’t succeed in getting the job it’s still good experience applying and understanding the process of employment, which can sometimes involve an interview or a trial. Phoenix are always keen on taking in people for digital marketing work experience, especially young people who enjoy writing and feel like they would prosper in a media marketing position.


More about Phoenix Media Marketing

Phoenix Marketing specialises in helping small, local businesses who are eager to grow their brand through different kinds of marketing. Something notable about this agency is that the team makes sure the content is not over-complicated and hard to work with for the clients, also the team of content writers understand the needs of the businesses they work with. For example, to help build the websites of businesses,

Phoenix uses a multitude of different digital strategies to drive traffic to their clients websites, for example, ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation), which is quite complex but easily understood by the team of experts who are happy to guide clients through it. This strategy allows customers to easily find your business online through algorithms, therefore enabling the popularity of your business to grow. This is just one of many tools used by Phoenix Marketing to help customers enlarge their digital platform and grow their business.

If you want to know more about Phoenix and how it can help grow your business, do not hesitate to email for support and guidance surrounding digital marketing work experience.

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