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Enhancing Patient Acquisition: The Success Story of The Well Balanced Centre

Updated: Mar 8

Phoenix Media Marketing had the opportunity to collaborate with The Well Balanced Centre, a leading physiotherapy clinic, to enhance patient acquisition through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. With a focus on utilising PPC, SEO, and website development solutions, our goal was to increase visibility and attract more patients to their practice.

Enhancing patient aquisition - Phoenix Media Marketing
Lizzi works with one of her patients

Understanding the unique business model and the key differentiators of The Well Balanced Centre was paramount in creating a tailored marketing approach. Our team designed a targeted campaign specifically catering to elderly physiotherapy solutions, ensuring a personalised and effective outreach to the desired audience. Additionally, we revamped their website to reflect a vibrant and engaging online presence, complemented by compelling content and a user-friendly interface.

Deploying a strategic PPC strategy allowed us to drive targeted traffic to the website, resulting in a cost-efficient cost per acquisition (CPA) and a significant return on ad spend (ROAS) of £19.58. This approach generated 88 valuable leads in the past three months, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted advertising efforts in driving patient engagement.

Furthermore, our SEO strategy proved to be highly successful, with over 510 keywords ranking for organic traffic in the local area. An impressive 81 keywords secured top positions (1-3) in search engine results, leading to increased visibility and traffic to The

Well Balanced Centre's website enhancing patient aquisition

The SEO strategy also contributed to a notable 27% increase in organic traffic, showcasing the impact of our search engine optimization efforts in attracting more visitors to the site.

As part of our holistic approach, we created engaging articles to rank for researched keywords, further boosting the clinic's online presence and positioning them as a trusted authority in the field. Additionally, our social media strategy focused on storytelling and patient communication, establishing a strong connection with the audience and fostering brand loyalty.

The collaboration between Phoenix Media Marketing and The Well Balanced Centre exemplifies the power of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in driving patient acquisition and enhancing online visibility. By combining PPC, SEO, and website development solutions, we were able to deliver tangible results and support the growth of The Well Balanced Centre's practice. We look forward to continuing our partnership and further optimising their digital presence to attract and retain more patients in the future.

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