Phoenix Marketing Approaches First Birthday

Phoenix Marketing Approaches First Birthday

Here at Phoenix Marketing, we are very excited to be approaching our first birthday. It all started nearly a year ago after our Managing Director, Stuart Humphrey, lost his previous job because of the pandemic. He realised that he could offer his transferable digital marketing skills to local businesses and build his own company. One year on, Phoenix Marketing has taken on sixteen new clients, including local government, commerce and industrial sectors. We are immensely very proud of what we have achieved for our clients.

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Almost Happy Birthday To Us!

SEO Consultancy at Phoenix Marketing

Our strength as a marketing agency lies in our pursuit of precision, quality and excellence. One of our significant specialisations at the agency is SEO (search engine optimisation) in our client's marketing strategies. We aim to get our companies on the first page of Google. It is helpful and a sustainable way to allow your business to come out on top. Our techniques can help you achieve higher Google rankings, giving you more website traffic, resulting in sales leads.

When it comes to digital marketing, having an inviting and easy to use the website is of the utmost importance. Our team of experienced professionals can update your website to its highest potential and then monitor it to ensure that it achieves the expected results. Furthermore, we can thoroughly analyse your competitors to ensure that your business is the one that comes out on top.