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Our services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of SEO marketing...

On-Page Optimisation

Competitor Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has taken the online business world by storm. With the onset of e-commerce and the ever-growing importance of an online presence in today’s world, businesses have relied on the proper implementation of SEO techniques to be the turning point towards market domination.


While it has various individual elements, SEO in itself has been a blessing that tackles major challenges and opens up new avenues for growth for a business. To not only sustain yourself in this competitive market but also be the face of your industry, you need a team of professionals in your corner that work solely towards tailoring the best marketing plan for you. With Phoenix Marketing, you’re just in the right place.

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Phoenix Marketing has been regarded as the reigning champion of delivering quality SEO results for a lot of customers locally.


As a full-service media agency, we are professionally adept in formulating marketing strategies that can increase your sales, organic traffic to your website and market share. If you’re looking for the best, most esteemed digital marketing services in Sussex, UK, there’s no place like Phoenix Marketing.

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Our services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of SEO marketing. We create unique opportunities for businesses to grow and take conscious responsibility for the SEO performance of your site. Our strategy is created with of all dynamic factors that make up today’s competitive market and will always work in the best interest of your company

Our Services

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Keyword research

Being at the top of your online presence game has never been more important. Keyword research involves looking for and analysing words and phrases that are most commonly used by people in search engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo) for a specific niche or industry.


At Phoenix Marketing, our primary objective is to achieve greater Google rankings through relevant keywords that appropriately reflect your business goals.


Our team of local SEO consultants strives to increase your website’s credibility and authority in your industry

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On-Page Optimisation

Responsive Website

Upgrading your website to the highest level is the principle behind all our functioning and collective efforts.


We would adopt all measures possible directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings and bring it to the notice of more potential customers.


We offer expert services to review HTML markup, create unique content, and monitor the result of your SEO scheme.

Competitor Analysis

Remember, if SEO consultancy is essential for you, it is essential for your competitor too. However, here at Phoenix Marketing Agency, will ensure that our analysis of your competitors is thorough so that you know their marketing strategy inside-out. This way, you will always stay two steps ahead of your biggest competitors and be able to capture the largest market share.

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Link Building

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Link building is the process by which you can obtain hyperlinks from other websites to your own so that users can easily navigate between different pages. Building links is complex and involving professionals to take care of your SEO marketing needs is always a good idea.

We will perfectly execute quality backlink techniques based on your product/service, industry, competitors, and target audience for your website. This then consequently helps in increasing organic traffic, fostering a network of profitable relationships, and expanding brand image.

Website SEO Audit 

Our strength as a marketing agency lies in our pursuit of precision, quality and excellence. We do a 360-degree SEO analysis of your website across 120+ data points to provide recommendations that will 100% increase your standings in search engine rankings and sales opportunities. Our audits cover elements of SEO such as:

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- on-page optimisations
- content
- off-site optimisation
- HTML markup
- Schema markup
- meta descriptions
- missing alt tags to images
- spam score from toxic sites
- backlinks
- site structure

Phoenix Marketing is the leading 360-degree media management agency in Sussex, UK. We can successfully undertake all SEO-related functions with the utmost professionalism and pledge to increase your business’s value through strategic planning, innovative solutions and flawless execution.


The resultant marketing strategy would be tailored to meet all your needs. With a team of experts at your beck and call regarding link building, keyword research, competitor analysis and on-page optimisation, you can rest assured of quality and efficiency by booking an SEO consultation with Phoenix Marketing today!