Digital marketing post-Covid: Are you prepared?

Updated: Sep 24

It’s not an exaggeration, but a simple fact, to say that the Coronavirus pandemic paused every single economy in the world. And what was perhaps once a promising financial forecast for 2020 has been drastically reduced as most have fought to stay afloat with the sudden and unexpected disruption of the now famous Covid-19. Whilst we couldn’t have even begun to imagine the past few months and although we’re definitely not out of the woods yet, with restrictions easing and cases falling, it’s important that as an eCommerce business, you’re ready to bounce back stronger and smarter as we navigate the post-Covid marketing world. This will no doubt require the re-thinking of your current marketing strategy – which this blog will explain a little more about.

Prepare for changes in customer behaviour

Now more than ever is a time to put the consumer and their needs first and businesses that recognise these needs and cater to them accordingly will be sure to stand out amongst those that don’t. The priority of your future campaigns in a post-Covid environment must be to boost lifetime value and customer experience as well as continue to (and try even harder to) deliver a meaningful, purpose-driven brand. Of course, if it was any good, your previous digital marketing strategy will have already taken into account the needs of your customers as well as the needs of the marketplace, but things are different now. Smart companies will adopt a proactive approach to ensure that they are aware of what needs to be changed and are prepared to do so when needed, in order to meet future consumer needs. Steps that you can take now to ensure you are ready include: