Marketing during COVID-19: Doing nothing is not an option

Updated: Apr 27

The COVID-19 pandemic rages on and some experts think a second wave, or a series of waves, will soon force states to rollback reopening plans. In many places, that is already happening.

So, what does that mean for marketing? Likely, brands will take what they have learned about consumer media consumption and spending during March and April and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. In this case, another round of stay-at-home orders will not have the same detrimental effect on advertiser spending that the first spike did.

I believe this for a number of reasons.

First, marketers are unwilling to sit back and do nothing. They know there are opportunities to connect with audiences, to provide real value and, depending on their product or service, to drive consumer spend — even amid the pandemic. A company’s livelihood could depend on the sales and marketing team’s ability to bring in revenue. Marketing needs to act.

Second, we understand that COVID-19 is driving media consumption and technology adoption around the globe. For many advertiser categories, this creates a unique chance to increase e-commerce spending and connect with new customers. Most consumers don’t want brands to halt advertising.

According to a March study by GlobalWebIndex, 73% of US consumers surveyed agree brands should advertise a