eCommerce websites are one of the latest technologies in marketing. The competitive advantage that can be obtained through the use of an eCommerce website is huge. It’s also a very simple market differentiator that can be used to increase your company’s revenue.


Selling your product online is easier than ever, so it’s important that your marketing is suitable and comprehensive. This means that you should have a website that is easy to navigate, attractive, and which provides all the information necessary for consumers to make a purchase. All of these things are achievable with careful website design and business posts for social media. That’s where we come in, Phoenix Marketing is the perfect search engine optimisation provider for all forms of business.

Readying Your Site

The first step of making your website ready to sell is ensuring that your product or service is marketed correctly. Whilst it is important to have a smooth and professional website, SEO is equally as valuable when getting the message out to potential customers.

As a search engine optimisation provider, we will enhance your website's SEO to improve its rankings on search engines, increasing the traffic to your website. We use a wide range of search engine optimisation techniques to make your site search engine friendly.

We work with a variety of ecommerce solutions for our clients that are looking to sell online, such as Shopify. We help you get your website live within your chosen platform then market it correctly to ensure its search rank is as high as possible.


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Driving Leads and Conversions

Our philosophy when it comes to developing eCommerce websites is to focus on the user journey. This means not only does the website have to look good, but it has to function smoothly for users throughout their entire shopping session. We also integrate elements of the eCommerce website into other aspects of your business, which increases conversion rates and provides opportunities for expanding your customer base.

Alongside Search Engine Optimisation, our experts will design your website to encourage customers to explore your website and make a purchase for your product or service. Whilst we cannot physically generate purchases, we will do everything within our power to make your website and business as appealing as possible to customers.

Maintaining Success

Although 'success' differs between eCommerce companies, it is important to monitor the performance of your website to ensure that we reach our goals. Whilst one clear identifier of success is sales, there are several others to consider.

We complete regular reports of the performance of your website on a variety of elements that are key to your business success. These elements will be outlined in our initial meeting, but typically include search engine ranking positions, contact form conversions and social media engagements.

We analyse the progress of these reports to monitor how you are performing compared to your original targets as well as your competitors. We take a complete view of your website performance across all browsers and devices and work with you to develop strategies for future growth.

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